I would like to thank all of the members and carers who took the time to complete our improving your service survey. We had a good response and have been able to action some of your comments.

Below is a quick summary of the outcomes.


In General how do you feel the Centre caters to your needs?

Very good 83% good 17%


How do you feel about the variety of activities on offer?

Very good 83% good 17%


Do you feel there is a good mix of in house and off site activity?

Very good 61% good 33% neither good nor bad 6%


Are you able to put forward ideas/ suggestions for different activities and personal development?


Yes 77% No 17% Unsure 6%


Are you treated well by staff at the Centre?

Very good 83% Good 17%


Are you treated with respect?

Very good 89% good 11%


Are you offered choice?

Very good 83% good 11% don’t know 6%


Do you feel staff understand your personal needs?

Very good 72% good 22% neither good nor bad 6%


Are you offered help/support when needed?

Very good 77% good 17% neither good nor bad 6%


Do you feel safe at the Centre?

Very safe 89% safe 11%


Are premises kept clean and presentable?

Very good 94% good 6%


Are facilities such as toilets personal care rooms suitable to your needs?

Very good 77% good 17% No answer 6%


Some comments from members and their carers/ families

Just keep doing what you are doing striving always to improve adapt and listen.

Because everyone is friendly and if you feel down they talk to you.

I really enjoy coming to your choice and gives me a chance to socialize to make new friends.

Everyone is in it together I enjoy coming

Saturday groups are nice

We feel the care is excellent; our son always comes home happy and looks well cared for, so he says its brilliant.

Computers are good.